Calendar 2010

I decided to lay out the calendar on a single page, making it possible to view the whole year at a glance. Thus enabling the viewer to start making new associations between events and time in general. A lunar calendar is integrated into the layout making it easy to see full and new moons.

This year sees a couple of modifications to the calendar from last year:
- Days of the month are now layed out in the YY/MM/DD format.
- The lunar new year is now marked with an extra inner ring.
- It now also includes the year count for the Hebrew, Chinese, Hindu,
Buddhist, Gregorian and Islamic years.

An interfaith edition that includes Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Rastafarian, Chinese and Sikh holy days has also been designed. If you are intrested in purchasing a copy of the interfaith edition or have any other enquires please feel free to contact me at

“The whole year laid out in one glorious circle.”

“Ghin Liew sent us this little piece of work, and I love it... go get it folks.”

Each Calendar is printed on 170gsm semi gloss paper. They will be shipped in 2.5mm thick postal tubes to ensure extra durability during transit.
£20 inc. P&P within the EU, £25 inc.P&P Worldwide.

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