First Ways - James "Creole" Thomas

On first hearing the album 'Omas Sextet' by James 'Creole' Thomas, ghin was drawn in by the synaesthetic sounds of the track 'First Ways'. The track conjured up an array of abstract shapes and colours dancing around in his mind's eye, similar to the early animations of Len Lye, 'A Colour Box' (1935), and 'Kaleidoscope' (1935). 

In his mind, the track's playful nature mimicked the free-form movements of Jackson Pollock's abstract expressionism, and the organic visual rhythm of Stan Breakages's handmade films. 

Wanting to maintain this distinctive handcrafted visual aesthetic for his own film, ghin first looked to replicate the same technique of painting directly onto 16mm film. Quickly realising there was no budget for such a film to be made however, he proceeded to develop a technique of painting onto paper that would mimic the aesthetic of painting directly onto film. 

Twenty-six paintings were made in total, with 2808 unique frames comprising the final animation. Stitching the 26 paintings together, side-by-side, creates one large painting that clearly displays time in seconds and acts to portray the journey of the film.